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Line 6 Spider V 240 MKII Modelling Guitar Amp

With a choice of more than 200 amps, cabinets, and effects to work with, your perfect tone awaits - whether you're a conventional player or a blazing iconoclast. Need to embrace your need for sonic experimentation? No problem. Spider V MkII amps provide enough options and flexibility to transform metal tones into fire-breathing dragons, clean sounds into a galaxy of ambient textures, or Brit-rock excursions into waterfalls of shimmer and chime.

Line 6 Spider V 240 MKII Modelling Guitar Amp

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Spider V 240 MkII

Take no prisoners with the Spider V 240 MkII and its full-spectrum stereo tone, 240 watts of power, dual 12" speakers, wireless connectivity, and Line 6 FBV 3 Foot Controller compatibility.



240-watt stereo amplifier
Two 12" speakers and tweeters
NEW Classic Speaker mode provides an organic sound and feel
Full-Range Speaker mode for acoustic guitar and jam track playback
Over 200 amps, cabs, and effects
128 presets featuring a variety of classic and modern tones
Tuner, metronome, jam-along drum loops, and 60-second looper
Built-in wireless receiver works with Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter
Compatible with Line 6 FBV 3 Foot Controller
XLR direct stereo outputs for connecting to a sound system or mixer
USB interface and free Spider V Remote app
Edit and record on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android devices