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Yamaha YHR871 French Horn

The handmade YHR871 Bb/F horn delivers a rich expressive tone with superb projection and flexibility. The long leadpipe delivers remarkably accurate intonation, while the hollow valve rotor on the 4th valve provides a quick, free response. This is the ideal instrument for the versatile, modern horn player.

Yamaha YHR871 French Horn

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The newest model in our traditional Geyer style horn series delivers exceptional clarity as well as deep, rich resonance

Key F/Bb
Body Yellow brass
Bell Size M
Bell Type Fixed
Bore Size 12.1mm (0.476")
Number of Valves 4
Valve Rotors Solid(4th rotor: holow)
Lever Action String
Finish Clear lacquer
Mouthpiece HR-32C4
Case Included