Welcome to Yamaha Rental

At Yamaha Rental, we recognise that obtaining quality musical instruments or products can be a significant investment.

With so many other costs and obligations placed upon the modern family, we wanted to give both our prospective customers and existing Yamaha players a new way to obtain, use and play some of the finest equipment manufactured in the world today.

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Why Rent?

I can start with confidence

There are many options available these days, and fortunately there is no need to overlook a quality product simply due to the initial investment.

The benefits of learning on a quality instrument are clear, and with Yamaha Rentals you can start your journey with an internationally trusted brand. Your musical outcome will be better, and if the initial thrill does happen to subside, there is no risk, as you can return anytime after the minimum rental period. You can also apply to purchase at any time!

I'm a professional

A professional needs the highest quality instruments and technology available. Unfortunately this normally requires a significant financial investment, which is not always achievable for the home studio.

By renting, the level of instrument you have been dreaming of is now available immediately.

No need to save up, and in many cases you may even be able to claim your rental payments as a tax deduction.

I can upgrade without hassle

With a Yamaha product, you are bound to develop your love of music, and advance your musical skill. When the time comes to take the next step, you can simply and easily upgrade to another model any time after the minimum rental period. Or you might simply want the newest release and the latest technology.

The choice is yours! Select a rental category above to discover for yourself just how affordable it now is to begin playing.