Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return my equipment if I don't need it anymore?

Simply phone Studio 19's service team on 1300 889 560 and they will provide you contact details for their courier who will collect and return the equipment for a nominal fee.  Naturally you can return the equipment to the retailer at no charge.

Do I need to return all the equipment at the same time?

No, if you have selected multiple items, each item can be treated differently.  For example, you can apply to purchase one, return another and keep yet another.  Your payment is adjusted automatically and reflects only those items you are continuing to use.

Can I purchase my equipment?

Yes, you can apply to purchase at any time, ever after 1 day.  Please refer to the price guides on the website.  A comprehensive guide is included with your initial agreement showing values for each month for 36 months.

What about insurance?

The product you have rented is valuable. Unless you have elected to take the optional protection plan (if offered in relation to your selected product) we suggest you think about insurance. You may be covered by your normal household contents insurance, but it would be advisable to check with your insurer.

What about repairs and servicing?

During the course of your rental agreement, we will carry out such maintenance and repairs that we accept is required due to normal use to keep the equipment in proper working order.  This is at no cost to you but does not include any consumables such as guitar strings or reeds.  If you believe that your equipment requires maintenance or repairs, please contact Studio 19's service team for an assessment of the problem.

What is the minimum rental period?

This is six months.  Unless you have purchased the equipment, you are required to continue renting for six months.  After that period, you are welcome to return the equipment.  If you choose to return the equipment during the minimum rental period, you will need to pay the balance of the rental charges of the minimum rental period.

How are payments debited?

Payments are debited on a set date each month from your nominated bank account or credit card (Mastercard or Visa).  If the date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payments will be debited on the next day.