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The AC15C1X combo offers 2-channels, each of which has a Volume control and the Top Boost channel has Treble and Bass tone controls. The amplifier features 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, a pair of EL84 tubes and a 12" Celestion Alnico Blue speaker, providing the superb tone that the AC range has been famous for since its introduction in 1958. Also features Tremolo and Spring Reverb.


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The new Vox AC15 Custom Classic needs no fancy introductions! Born from a classic design and with a heritage dating back to 1958, this new AC15 maintains and evolves Vox's pedigree in thoroughbred tone.
With years of manufacturing expertise in high quality guitar amplifier design, Vox have taken the best AC15 designs, both old and new and added a number of useful and interesting features. The result is to give you the most tonally flexible AC15 to date!

Decades ago the AC15 stamped its tonal trademark on the rock n roll revolution. Many top performers of the era were first in line to sample its unique warm tone. People started to notice this new evocative guitar sound and soon many other new artists were using the Vox AC15.

Today, the AC15 Custom Classic is set to become the new leader in its class. Equipped with a number of modern features and conveniences the new AC15 Custom Classic offers more control and versatility with features like master volume, global reverb and tremolo. Also on the top panel are bass and trebles controls along with a single guitar input.