Yamaha YPC62

The YPC62 is the perfect piccolo for those who double on ute and piccolo. It features incredibly dense and stable grenadilla wood. The YPC62 is also available with a waveform head joint, which is generally easier to switch to from ute (YPC62R).

Professional model piccolos, Grenadilla headjoint & body, Nickel silver (silver-plated) keys, With split E mechanism

Yamaha YPC62

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This has long been a favorite of professional musicians and can be found in many top orchestras. Characterized by excellent intonation and playability. It features a headjoint and body of carefully seasoned grenadilla for a warm full tone.


Body & Footjoint Grenadilla
Keys Nickel silver (Silver-plated)
Headjoint & Lip Plate Grenadilla