Yamaha YCL631/MK3 Eb Alto Clarinet

Yamaha YCL631/MK3 Eb Alto Clarinet

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Yamaha’s YCL631II Alto Clarinet has been heralded for its ease of playability, and intonation in the Chalumeau (fundamental) register. In consultation with clarinettists and band directors, the YCL631/MK3 offers great improvements which improve the feel and tone, whilst also improving on the great intonation and playability synonymous with Yamaha clarinets.

Pisoni Leather Pads – Falling in line with the rest of our 600 and Custom series instruments, the YCL631/MK3 will now utilise Pisoni’s durable, white leather pads for an improved tone and stable low register thanks to better seating.

New tonehole layout – The upper joint tonehole layout has been revised, with the most major alteration being the movement of the register key tonehole to improve intonation and response in the clarion register.

Floor peg – This also includes an updated case design to accommodate this peg.

Yamaha continues to develop and improve our range of clarinet designs. Since designing the first Yamaha Custom clarinets (YCL81 and YCL85) in conjunction with the NHK Symphony (1974), Yamaha continues to make large stride toward making clarinets which satisfy every need of the modern clarinettist.