Yamaha YEB632SII Tuba

Yamaha YEB632SII Tuba

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Projection and Power

Rebuilt and recrafted to meet the demands of the discerning band musician, Yamaha's Neo Eb Bass has been developed with innovative modifications, enriching the tonal strength and overall projection of the instrument to a new level. The thicker wall material of the bell and the bottom bow gives a more full bodied and heavier sound. With more projection and power, the Neo Eb bass expands the possibilities for expression in performance, ideal for the band environment.

Bell and bottom bow

The bell and bottom bow are thicker than before, providing a more powerful sound.

Shoulder-belt ring

The position of the ring used for attaching a shoulder-belt has been moved for greater comfort.

Key Eb
Body Yellow brass
Bell Diameter 480mm (19")
Bore Size 17.5-18.5mm (0.689-0.728")
Height 867mm
Valves 3 top + 1 side, compensating
Finish Silver-plated
Mouthpiece BB-66D4
Case Included