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Yamaha YFL312 Flute

Yamaha intermediate model flutes share similar designs as their professional series, and incorporate many of the same features. The 302 series are available at a lower cost due to innovative manufacturing techniques. They offer surprisingly high quality for their prices. With covered keys, offset G and split E mechanism and pointed key arms the YFL312 is a great all-rounder.

Yamaha YFL312 Flute

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  • Intermediate model
  • Closed key flaps
  • Pointed Arms
  • Advanced G
  • E Mechanics
  • Sterling silver head piece
  • Body, feet and key flaps made of nickel silver
  • New form of folding cover
  • Completely silver plated
  • CY head with a polyconical pattern for outstanding response and rich sound
  • Ergonomic key arrangement
  • Incl. Case
Head Joint Silver
Body German Silver Plated
Machine Head Material Nickel Silver, Silvered
Head Joint (Material) Silver
Riser (Material) Silver
French Pointed Arms Yes
E Mechanism Yes
Offset Yes
Inline No
C Foot Yes
B Foot No
Incl. Case Yes