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Yamaha YFL677 Flute

Yamaha's professional flute line up was inspired by our handmade Gold and Silver flutes, and the models in this series share many of the same design features and specifications. This powerful flute features Straubinger Phoenix pads and an Am style head-joint for heavy resistance yet well balanced high tones. YFL677 has ring keys, offset G and split E.

Yamaha YFL677 Flute

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Yamaha YFL677 Professional Handmade Flute

The Yamaha YFL677 Handmade Flute offers a dynamic tonal range to the professional musician. The sterling silver alloy body produces a warm sound with outstanding projection and developed overtones. The offset G increases comfort and supports a more natural playing style, whilst the ring keys offer a wider range of notes. The YFL677's sterling silver headjoint and lip-plate has a comfortable, smooth feel. For musicians requiring a modern sounding flute with exceptional playability, the YFL677 is an ideal choice.