Yamaha YFL677H Flute

Yamaha's professional flute line up was inspired by our handmade Gold and Silver flutes, and the models in this series share many of the same design features and specifications. This powerful flute features Straubinger Phoenix pads and an Am style head-joint for heavy resistance yet well balanced high tones. YFL677H has ring keys, offset G, split E and B foot-joint.

Yamaha YFL677H Flute

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Yamaha have passed the knowledge and expertise gained in creating their most expensive Handmade flutes down through the professional line-up.  
Sharing many of the characteristics of Yamahas Handmade series, the Professional flutes feature the same refined design and a high degree of hand-craftsmanship.

Yamaha's 600 series flutes are individually hand-crafted with  
sterling silver headjoints, bodies, and footjoints.  
Characterized by a beautiful clear tone,  
they offer extremely accurate intonation and an easy playability


Every Yamaha flute is assembled by a trained technician. 
There is no machine that can assemble a Yamaha flute. Sure machines are used to produce some or many components, but in most of the processes, a human being is at hand putting the soul into each instrument.

Below is a short clip giving you an idea as to what is involved in producing a Yamaha flute.

This Yamaha flute is made in Japan.