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Yamaha YTR9610 Trumpet

Yamaha high-pitched trumpets feature a brilliant tone with crisp clear attacks and excellent control in the high register. Though originally used primarily for Baroque music, they are increasingly used by solo and orchestral players for security with difficult high passages as well as for the clarity and lyrical qualities of their sound. The 9610 features two bells and sets of slides to convert it to either Eb or D, and offers outstandingly accurate intonation. In Silver plate.

Yamaha YTR9610 Trumpet

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The YTR-9610 is a custom-made Eb/D trumpet that has proper resistance and accurate intonation for performers to play a full variety of musical genres from solo or chamber music to full orchestral compositions. The trumpet’s lightweight design provides an attractive combination of agile response and pleasant playing. Switching between the keys of Eb and D involves exchanging the bell and the first and third valve slides.

Key Eb/D
Bell Material One piece, Yellow brass
Bell Diameter 120mm (4-3/4")
Bore Size M 11.3mm (0.445")
Weight Light
Finish Silver-plated
Mouthpiece TR-14B4
Case Included