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Yamaha YTS280S Tenor Saxophone

The YTS280 saxophone offers a perfect start because they are designed with the young beginner in mind. Relatively light-weight and ergonomically shaped, they are easy to hold and to play. The intonation is perfect, and it is easy to get a great sound. The Yamaha design offers beginners optimum support, thus greatly assisting both learning progress and creativity. Includes high F# key.

Yamaha YTS280S Tenor Saxophone

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The 280 saxophones provide beginners with a reliable instrument to start playing on. They offer a characteristically bright saxophone sound with excellent intonation and some surprisingly high quality features for an entry-level instrument.

Key Bb
Bell Type Two-piece
Decoration -
Keys Key Buttons Polyester
Auxiliary Keys High F#, Front F
Thumb Hook Adjustable
Finish Silver-plated
Neck 280 style
Mouthpiece 4C
Case Included