Yamaha YVS100 Venova

With the introduction of the YVS100 Venova there is an instrument simple and durable enough to take anywhere. Featuring a solid ABS resin construction, synthetic reed and Yamaha 4C soprano saxophone mouthpiece the Venova is more powerful than it looks. Its branched wind pipe means the Venova can play a full 2 octaves, a first for ABS resin instruments.

Yamaha YVS100 Venova

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Breathe music into your life with Venova

Venova is a new type of wind instrument that can be started with ease, yet produces an authentic sound.

Easy to start

  • Light and compact design for portability
  • Washable with water and easy to clean
  • Easy fingering similar to recorders

Authentic sound

  • Rich, expressive tone like saxophones and a full blowing sensation
  • Spans a range of two octaves even with its simple structure