Yamaha FGDP-50 Finger Drum Pad

Yamaha FGDP-50 Finger Drum Pad

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Introducing a distinctive Pad layout meticulously designed for optimal finger drumming by prioritising ergonomic comfort.

With the FGDP, you have the freedom to assign Voices to Pads according to your creative vision, but at Yamaha, the 3-finger style is recommended. Harness the power of your thumb for the kick drum, rely on the enduring middle finger for precise hi-hat control, and let your dexterous index finger bring to life the delicate nuances and intricate phrases of the snare.

The home position enables you to effortlessly execute fundamental rhythms, like 8th notes using just one hand. You can use your other hand to play on the other symmetrically laid out pads to unleash captivating back beats in 16th note or double kick styles.

Equipped with an ample number of Pads perfectly suited for finger drumming, the FGDP empowers you to deliver your finest performances, setting itself apart from conventional Samplers and MIDI Pads.

Featuring cutting-edge Pads designed to capture every subtle nuance, the FGDP ensures that no detail goes unnoticed. With the powerful combination of the internal Tone Generator, you can deliver delicate performances encompassing ghost notes, impactful accents, flams, and lightning-fast rolls. Moreover, the Pads support Aftertouch, allowing for enhanced expression and enabling unique drumming techniques such as cymbal choking by applying pressure to a Pad while holding it pressed. With the FGDP, your drumming possibilities are almost limitless.

The FGDP is a powerhouse that combines a diverse selection of Samples sourced from beloved acoustic drums favoured by professional drummers. Immerse yourself in the realm of natural, vibrant, and profoundly expressive sounds, tailored by leading drummers for finger drumming perfection. Additionally, indulge in a plethora of expertly curated electronic sounds handpicked by top-flight artists, perfectly suited for club music enthusiasts. Moreover, with the FGDP, you have the freedom to craft your own personalized Kit, selecting from a staggering array of 1,500 sounds. Tweak and refine each drum's character through Tuning, Decay, and the application of Effects, granting you unparalleled versatility within this all-inclusive musical arsenal.

  • Ultra-sensitive Pads in an optimised layout
  • 48 Preset Kits and 1,500 Voices (instruments)
  • USB MIDI/Audio
  • Built-in speaker
  • Rechargeable battery
  • AUX In
  • Eight RGB Pads
  • Playback Sampler
  • Auto-accompaniment Session Creator
  • USB Audio Player/Recorder
  • Note Repeat function
  • Four Registration buttons