Yamaha PHX Euro Drum Kit

Yamaha PHX Euro Drum Kit

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The PHX Series, from the Yamaha Drum Laboratory

At Yamaha, prototype drums are the starting point of each drum's evolution. These prototypes are created in the Drum Laboratory where Yamaha continually pursues the essence of musical perfection. Under a completely new concept, the PHX (pronounced "phoenix") Series is the pinnacle of excellence in this prototyping process. Handcrafted by our expert technicians, it's based on over 50 years of history, tradition and experience and technology. PHX Series reveals Yamaha's all-out pursuit of the ultimate in drum craftmanship and sound.

We redefined what a high-end drum-set was when we introduced Recording Custom in the 1970s. With the introduction of PHX, we set the bar even higher by creating the ultimate musical instrument for drummers.

[Phoe-nix] * — noun

A mythical bird of great beauty fabled to burn itself on a funeral pyre and to rise from its ashes in the freshness of youth and live through another cycle of years: often an emblem of immortality or of reborn idealism.

*source : www.dictionary.com

A thing of peerless beauty or excellence

Nippon Gakki, the predecessor to Yamaha Corporation, was founded in 1897, and the Phoenix logo was registered as the company' s official trademark. While the triple tuning fork design that adorns modern Yamaha instruments is well known throughout the world, it is the Phoenix motif that was first emblazoned on our first premier organs. The design embodies the spirit of our founder, whose goal was to produce instruments of world-class quality and unrivaled beauty.

In 2007, Yamaha celebrated its 40th anniversary of drums manufacturing. At that same time, we felt the need to recapture the spirit of our company' s founder. It was decided that Yamaha Drums' next 40 years would begin with commitment to a rebirth and revitalization in striving for musical instrument excellence. From this rekindled spirit of innovation and musical resolve, came the birth of the PHX Series.

The Phoenix is considered the symbol of immortality, a rebirth into a fresh being, full of new life. Similarly, the PHX Series marks a rebirth of drum advancements, another milestone to add to Yamaha' s legendary history. The PHX is the next step in innovation and excellence for those serious about their music.

Hybrid Shell Construction

Yamaha has discovered new materials.

With the wealth of knowledge that Yamaha has amassed through the decades as the preeminent maker of musical instruments, Yamaha’s wood specialists have discovered new materials that provide optimal drum performance.

Jatoba, a Brazilian wood and the hardest material in the PHX hybrid shell, is positioned as the core ply and center note of the drum. It is surrounded on either side by layers of kapur, a Malaysian hard wood. North American Maple, which had long been considered a classic, high-quality drum shell material because of its hardness and viscosity, is actually the softest wood in the shell construction; maple is the outer and inner plies of the shell.

This is the process used to complete the hybrid shell, in which the stiffness of the shell shifts from the center toward the outside: the woods are hardest at the center and get softer toward the outer surfaces in either direction. This results in an “excitation structure” that maximizes the shell's performance. The excitation structure increases the head’s vibration to its full extent, achieving a sound unlike anything you’ve heard before. It produces an effect in sound waves similar to rippling waves caused by a pebble dropped in water.

YESSII Shell Mount Syste

The newly evolved YESSII shell mounting system acts as a shock mount system for the drum, allowing for optimal shell vibration.

Utilizing a unique rubber insert and a maple wood plate, the YESSII mount is primarily located at the nodal points (where no vibration occurs), causing the resonance to stay, within the shell as opposed to transferring through the hardware and being stifled.

In larger tom sizes, the rubber inserts are also positioned on the shell where overtones are present to help produce the appropriate mixture of sustain and overtone control.

Hook Lug System

The brand-new drum-lug design which was an innovation in Hook Lug system.

The brand-new Hook Lug system has emerged through the progression of the Nouveau Lug, which was an innovation in drum-lug design. This new lug minimizes the rotation of the lug casing during tuning and firmly supports the tuning bolt through the wide and straight post, even at high tension.

Rather than positioning the Hook Lug at the nodal point, Yamaha placed it at the area of the shell that produces undesirable overtones, thus muting them and allowing for an unobstructed, richer fundamental tone.

The combination of the Hook Lug system (muting the unattractive overtones) and the YESSII mount system (opening up the drum’s fundamental tone) provides an unmistakably pure and naturally EQ’d sound. The organic tone of each drum is clear and perfectly defined like never before.

Bearing Edge Shape

The brand-new drum-lug design which was an innovation in Hook Lug system.

To control the drum’s tone and articulation, PHX floor tom, tom-tom and bass drum shells each use different types of bearing edges.

All bearing edge angles are set at 30-degrees. However, the radiuses of the bearing edges differ to gain optimum acoustic performance from the shell.

Additionally, a secret treatment process is used to ensure that each edge is finished to a perfect smoothness. This guarantees a very easy and wide tuning range.

Vent Holls

The number of vent holes influences both the drum’s timbre and projection. PHX Series drums are designed with one to ten vent holes, depending upon the drum’s dimensions. By varying the number of holes, particularly on larger shells, the drum’s sustain length, amount of mid-bass tone, and playing comfort can all be fine-tuned.

R-Version Bass Drums

New R-Version bass drums (without tom mounts) have been added to the PHX lineup. This option provides optimum flexibility for drummers who place great importance on bass drum tone.

A Range of Options

In addition to the qualities of tonality and functionality, Yamaha has paid special attention to the values of interior and exterior beauty.

The exterior of the PHX shell is available in classic maple or exotic burled ash finishes. Further, the Hook Lugs and aluminum die-cast hoops are available in either gold or chrome options.

Experience the ultimate combination of unparalleled beauty with brilliant color finishes, including the fresh and unique textured paint.

Design/Architecture Detail
Hoop Model Diecast
Material Aluminum
Thickness 3.0mm
Lugs Type New Hook Lug
Shells Thickness 11ply
Material Hybrid Shell (Jatoba+Kapur+Maple)
Head Top Clear Ambassador
Bottom Clear Ambassador
Front PS3 SW without Hole
Batter PS3 Clear