Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Euro Drum Kit

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Euro Drum Kit

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Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drums are loved by drummers all over the world for their unmatched combination of tone, quality, and functionality.
100% birch shells give these drums the distinctive Yamaha sound with a quick attack, a short decay and good separation. Each drum features Yamaha's professional "Absolute" lugs that utilise an internal locking mechanism that allows for fast, easy and accurate tuning that stays stable under even heaviest playing. The Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (Y.E.S.S.) brings out the natural sound of the toms, while the traditional ball mount and clamp allows for positioning freedom and rock-solid setup.

This euro size kit includes 10"x7" and 12"x8" toms, a 16"x15" floor tom, a 22"x17" bass and a matching 14"x5.5" 10-lug snare drum, all 3 beautiful various finishes.
Completing this kit is a full set of Yamaha 700 Series hardware containing a HS740A hi-hat stand, an SS740A snare stand, 2x CS755 cymbal boom stands, an FP7210A bass drum pedal, TH945B tom holder and floor tom legs.

With this combination of outstanding sound, quality, style and performance Stage Custom Birch is perfect for every stage of drumming.