Yamaha BB434M Bass Guitar (Tobacco Brown Sunburst)

Yamaha BB434M Bass Guitar (Tobacco Brown Sunburst)

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Step into the spotlight with the Yamaha BB434M Bass Guitar, a marvel of musical engineering, presented in a striking Tobacco Brown Sunburst finish. This bass guitar is not just an instrument but a partner in your musical journey, designed to elevate your performance and capture the essence of your creative spirit.

The BB434M features a solid alder body, renowned for its beautifully balanced tone and superb sustain. The resilience and comfort of the alder make it perfect for long sessions and live performances, ensuring you can play your best from the first note to the last.

At the heart of this bass's exceptional playability is the 6-bolt mitre neck joint and a 5-piece neck, which together provide a stable, sturdy feel and superior tone resonance. The smooth maple fingerboard not only adds a bright tonal character but also offers a sleek, agile feel under your fingertips, making complex runs and grooves effortlessly playable.

Equipped with Yamaha's custom-designed YGD V5 pickups (Alnico V), the BB434M delivers a sound that's as raw and powerful as it is nuanced. From deep, growling lows to punchy highs, this bass ensures every note is clear and distinct, no matter the setting on stage or in the studio.

The innovative Vintage Plus Light bridge features convertible bridge and saddles, offering you the flexibility to tailor your string setup to your playing style, providing both precision and versatility. Complemented by lightweight open-gear tuners, tuning stability and reliability are second to none, allowing you to focus purely on your music.

  • The BB434 with a maple fingerboard
  • Solid alder body
  • 6-Bolt mitre neck joint
  • 5-piece neck
  • Maple fingerboard
  • YGD custom V5 pickups (Alnico V)
  • Vintage Plus Light Bridge with convertible bridge and saddles
  • Lightweight open-gear tuners