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Yamaha IPA8200 8 Channel Amplifier

8x 200W @ 4 ohms. 8x 100W @ 8 ohms. 4x 400W @ 8 ohms bridged. Switchable HPF.

Yamaha IPA8200 8 Channel Amplifier

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Save space and energy – 8 channels of audio in a compact, lightweight 2U body.


The IPA8200 is an installation dedicated power amplifier using Class D technology. Efficiency of conventional Class AB or Class H amplifiers is in the range of 20% to 30%, meaning that 70% to 80% of electricity drawn is lost as heat. Class D technology greatly improves efficiency to over 60%. Higher efficiency not only means the amplifier will require less power to run, but will dissipate considerably less heat. As a result, the amplifier is much smaller in size, saving precious rack space in an installation. Lower heat dissipation also reduces stress put on each component part in the amplifier and will prolong product life of the amplifier.

The IPA8200 is a perfect match for use with the IMX644 rack mount mixer or the Installation Series range speakers various installations from bars, restaurants, retail stores, to corporate meeting rooms and auditoriums. 

Yamaha reliability

The IPA8200 is designed with safety and reliability of operation its utmost priority. Each pair of channels have dedicated internal power source, lowering the risk of losing all eight channels in case of a failure on one particular channel. Of course, the IPA8200 is designed to meet Yamaha's strict standards of quality and reliability so you can be assured that this amplifier is built to last.


The IPA8200 is designed for use in a wide variety of installations; from a simple setup in a bar/restaurant or a corporate meeting room to being a part of a larger audio system in a theater. IPA8200's selectable gain settings allow the amplifier to be used in different audio systems with optimal gain structure. Pairs of channels may be individually configured to run in Stereo, Parallel, or Bridged mode. For example, a pair of channels may be used to drive speakers of higher power, up to 800W into 8ohms. The built-in HPF, which can operate at 20Hz or 55Hz, is to allow simple connections to speakers of different capacities without external processors.