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Line 6 Spider V 412 Speaker CAB For Spider V 240HC

4x12" cabinet optimised for Line 6 Spider V 240HC guitar amp. Combine with Spider V 240HC to create a powerful 240W half-stack. 4x12" slant cab handles 320 watts of power. Stereo inputs and custom Celestion Speakers. Robust road-ready construction.


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The perfect stage companion for your Spider V Guitar Amp.

Featuring a slant construction for better room projection, and stereo ¼” inputs for extra usability, he Line6 Spider V 412 Speaker Cab is optimised for the Spider V 240HC guitar amp, making it the perfect way to get your Spider V on any stage.

4x12 custom Celestion speakers allow it to handle 320 watts of power and put out an impressive tone no matter your style of music.

Combines with SPIDER-V-240HCR to create a powerful 240W half-stack

4 x 12" slant cab handles 320 watts of power

Stereo inputs and custom Celestion Speakers

Robust road-ready construction