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Yamaha YCL622II Clarinet

The professional series YCL622II bass clarinet has secure intonation and a range extending to low C. A sturdy two piece Grenadilla wood construction and Silver plated finish results in a beautiful and characteristic sounding bass clarinet, suited to playing in any professional environment.

Yamaha YCL622II Clarinet

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Yamaha professional bass clarinets, all of which are meticulously crafted by hand, give you a rich, warm sound with powerful projection and extremely accurate intonation. Each tonehole undercut is individually shaped for a beautifully balanced, remarkably responsive instrument.

Key Bb
Fingering System Boehm, 24 keys, 7 covered finger holes
Toneholes Straight tone holes with tapered undercut
Thumb-rest Fixed
Material Body Grenadilla
Keys Silver-plated nickel silver
Mouthpiece 4C
Case Included