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Yamaha YHR668DII French Horn

The 668 combines the beautiful rich tone and commanding presence the great vintage 'Kruspe' style horns, and adds to it state-of-the-art intonation and playability. The tone is rich, warm and colourful. It can project solos or blend with the section and is so full of life it can fill any concert hall. While the response is quick and easy, and offers excellent control even at pianissimo. With detachable bell.

Yamaha YHR668DII French Horn

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This orchestral French horn is designed for players who prefer the strong sound of a large bell instrument. Characterized by deep, warm tone colors, the 668 features secure note centers and impeccable intonation.

Material: Yellow brass, Bell type: Detachable

Key F/Bb
Body Yellow brass
Bell Size LL
Bell Type Detachable
Bore Size 12mm (0.472")
Number of Valves 4
Valve Rotors Solid
Lever Action String
Finish Clear lacquer
Mouthpiece HR-30D4
Case Included